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Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab


Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab

Welcome to the Primate Behavioral Ecology Laboratory!

The Primate Behavioral Ecology Lab at The George Washington University is dedicated to investigating the evolution of social behavior in wild primates.  We want to understand the adaptive value of positive and negative social interactions.  Primates are great taxa in which to explore this topic since they have a large range of social patterns.

Work in our lab ranges from the influence of maternal behavior on offspring outcomes to investigating how female aggression mediates space use to the physiological outcomes of social patterns. The thread throughout our work is understanding how sociality influences reproductive outcomes, for the better or worse.

We are further committed to examining our results in the light of macro-evolution.  Primates are a natural model in which to consider human evolution and our position in the Center for the Advanced Study of Hominid Paleobiology affords us an insightful perspective.  We collaborate with a larger team of researchers dedicated to a holistic approach that answers the eternal question of how we came to be.

Left: One of our study families in Gombe National Park

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