David Patterson

David Patterson is interested in using mammalian fauna to reconstruct the ecological and environmental context of hominin evolution. Due to the complexity of both modern and paleoecosystems, this requires the use of a variety of multidisciplinary proxies, some of which include: functional morphology, isotopic dietary analyses and community structure investigation. David is especially interested in the role of micromammals in paleoenvironmental reconstruction.

Year Entered Program: 2011
Email: dbpatter@gwmail.gwu.edu
Advisor: René Bobe
Education B.S., Biology/Psychology, Cum Laude, Georgia College & University; M.S., Biology, Georgia College & State University
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Research Experience 2011 Koobi Fora Field School, Rutgers University and the National Museums of Kenya

2009 Master’s Thesis: Analysis of Mammuthus columbi material from Clark Quarry, Brunswick, Georgia. Advisor: Dr. Al Mead

2007 Undergraduate Thesis: Osteological Variation within the Baldwin County, Georgia population of Didelphis virginiana. Advisor: Dr. Al Mead

2007 Research Assistantship: Georgia College & State University neuroanatomy laboratory analyzing the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome on the motor skills and learning ability of juvenile rats.

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